Lisa Hill-Corley
writer | words

The Pick Up

I pull up to the high school and spot Sadie on the curby by the bus lane, chewing chipped black nail polish from her stubby fingers. She has put on that crazy blond wig of hers, buy hasn't shoved her spongy dark hair far enough underneath it, so it poofs around her head in an uneven crown.

"Get in," I say.

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See Staff

Kim got out of her car, her heels clicking, to get in the door of her son's school before the driver of the minivan she nearly cut off could park and get out. Inside, she went to the room that housed the school-aged after-care program, or SACC, and looked through the croud of kids for Jayson. Her mocha-colored son was usually easy to spot among the pale sea of Codys and Kaylas.

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The Dose

First, there was a stunning announcement that seemed too much like sience fiction to take seriously: take this pill and make motherhood simple! The dose was dismissed as a fad at first. Then the researchers hit the talk show circuit, and once the pregnant celebrities bought into it, the march to mainstream acceptance was swift.

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